About SOEDESCO® Studios

SOEDESCO® Studios is a video game development studio with offices in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and Pilsen, Czech Republic. The company was founded in 2015 and kicked off by bringing the racing game Defunct to Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. After several successful projects, such as the Nintendo Switch port of the award-winning horror game Among the Sleep, SOEDESCO Studios continues to focus on developing interesting new content fit for the next generation of gaming. These include PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Google Stadia™. This shift has led to the opening of a second office in Pilsen, Czech Republic.   

SOEDESCO Studios consists of an enthusiastic team of young talents who are passionate about video game development and determined to turn every project into a great success. The company’s latest project brought Real Time Tactics game Dog Duty to Nintendo™ Switch, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. They’re currently bringing 90’s inspired platformer Kaze and the Wild Masks to Google Stadia™.

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Location: Pilsen, Czech Republic

Latest Projects

Kaze and the Wild Masks

  • Type: Co-Development
  • Platforms: Google Stadia

Go on a journey as Kaze in this 90’s classics inspired platformer. When the Crystal Islands get cursed, Kaze needs to save her friend Hogo while facing enraged living vegetables. Find the Wild Masks to unleash the powers of the legendary guardians and master land, sky and sea.

Dog Duty

  • Type: Co-Development
  • Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

As some evil bigwig Octopus Commander and his army are threatening world-peace, it’s up to you and your squad of misfits to eliminate that octo-scum. Liberate outposts, defeat bosses and wreck these wicked squids up, but beware, they’re well-armed.

Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition

  • Type: Porting
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition is a new and improved version of the award winning first person horror adventure. In the game you play as a small child trapped in a weird nightmare where you go looking for your mom.


  • Type: Porting
  • Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Defunct is an indie adventure game with a focus on flow, speed and an engaging world. You are a broken robot that accidentally falls out of a giant cargo ship onto a post-human Earth, now inhabited by robots. You have to get back to your ship before it’s too late!

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