Garden Witch Life

After losing your job you end up in a small town far away from home. As luck would have it you get to stay in a vacant witch's house and start building your new life. Build your own garden, grow plants for your potions and spells and build friendships with the town's folk.

  • Build your garden, improve the house, and pet all the critters
    Restore and reinvent an old magical garden. Grow peculiar plants and ingredients for potions and make it home to all manner of critters and spirits. Work towards fixing up an old witching place and clean, repair and upgrade the vacant house and make it your own cozy space
  • Mental balance
    Be a positive influence on your surroundings and yourself. As you settle into your new life and get to know the people around you, they will gradually open up to you
  • Improve skills and tools brew potions & cook
    Go about your magic research and brew potion experiments in a cauldron embraced by an ancient tree. Starting out your tools aren't exactly high quality and there is much to learn. With time and effort, you will become an expert and gather equipment you can be proud of
  • Become part of the community and explore a mysterious history
    Take part in the festivals and life on the island with the loving residents. Build friendships and support each other through the seasons. The island is full of secrets, hidden passageways and ancient texts. Investigate the past of a broken world

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