Truck Driver: The American Dream Patch Update

Truck Driver: The American Dream Patch Update
PlayStation 5 / Xbox Series X|S Patch

Hello, Truckers!  

Good news! We're back with a fresh Truck Driver: The American Dream update, Patch In this update, we've addressed several old issues by migrating to Unreal 5.4, along with Freedom-to-Roam related problems, and other bugs. Patch is now out on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions. Check out the patch notes below for all the details:

Patch notes:

PS5: Patch 16

Xbox Series: Patch 9

Updates and Additions:

  • Project migrated to Unreal 5.4 which helped resolve a number of old issues
  • Modified progression unlocks in Freedom to Roam mode.
  • Added white backlight that illuminates when driving in reverse, synchronized with a sound signal.
  • Implemented the above backlight for all trucks and trailers in the game.
  • Brake lights now shine brighter when the brake button is pressed and the lights are on.
  • Added heat distortion effect at high temperatures.
  • Updated weather effects: clearer moon, clearer tracks during rainfall and snowfall, new particle effects, and lighting.
  • Traffic car tracks are now visible from a greater distance in snow and rain conditions.
  • New camera animation after loading a saved file.
  • Upon game resume, a message prepares the player.
  • Improved performance across all visual modes.
  • Addition of many new pedestrians in rural road areas (PS5 and Series X only).
  • Enhanced DualSense haptic feedback vibration, allowing players to feel raindrops in the controller. Vibration added when pressing the gas or brake pedal. (PS5 Only)
  • Sound of passing cars is muffled when inside the truck cabin.
  • Major lighting updates in various locations.
  • Updated shader on windows during precipitation.

Bug Fixes:

  • Updated headlight lighting interaction with road surfaces.
  • Updated colliders for some traffic vehicles to improve collision behavior.
  • Emitter strength varies based on headlight type.
  • Stable speedometers and mini-map in the truck cabin; jitter “effect” is fixed/gone.
  • Fixes for Freedom To Roam missions.
  • PS5 navigation now mirrors Xbox platforms for better accuracy and visualization.
  • Fixed trucks randomly repairing after leveling up.
  • Fixed traffic AI issues like not following roads or driving into opposite lanes or guardrails.
  • Various minor visual fixes and removal of unreachable garage.
  • Fixed missions not starting automatically.
  • Disabled autosaving on PS5 to conserve storage space.
  • Reworked trailer attachment logic to resolve Unreal 5.4 upgrade issues.
  • Traffic performance upgrades.
  • Numerous environmental fixes.
  • Traffic and navigation improvements.
  • Fixed problematic junctions and highways allowing off-road driving.
  • Samster update addressing rigging and mesh issues while turning.
  • Weather randomization restored in all modes.
  • When the player has lined up at a traffic light, the other vehicles from the traffic will no longer use the horn.
  • The parking car LODs are now optimized to render geometry with more polygons near the camera. This removes cars with square tires and low detail.

Known Issues:

  • Some specific locations may still exhibit odd traffic behavior; ongoing fixes are in progress.
  • The implementation of how the windshield wipers clear water in conjunction with the updated shader is still undergoing refinement.
  • In specific places, the collision of the guardrails can be broken. If you hit them with the truck, this can cause FPS to drop. This is a problem that came from the migration to UE5.4. We are working on this issue and will be fixed with a hotfix.
  • Some translations are missing in the prologue mission.

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