PS5 Patch #8 Truck Driver: The American Dream

PS5 Patch #8 Truck Driver: The American Dream

Patch #8 - Version

Hello, Truckers! We're excited to bring you the latest update, Patch #8 - Version, for Truck Driver: The American Dream, rolling out today on the PS5 version.

We've taken note of your feedback and implemented several fixes, adjustments, and a new feature to enhance your open-road experience. We appreciate your patience as we continue to provide more updates in the future, ensuring a smooth journey for all truck drivers. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Bug Fixes:

  • Cases where the player does not receive the next chapter have been resolved. In the new version, the game constantly checks if the player has a mission/chapter at any given moment.
  • A hidden barrier preventing entry to the harbor, which hindered entry with a trailer in some cases, has been removed.
  • Removed trees and grass on the asphalt and places where they should not be.
  • A missing dialogue has been added for the chapter "Bananadrama."

Added features:

  • Ability to restart the chapter. This is the first version of this feature. Upon restart, the current chapter will start from the beginning, and the player position will be at the nearest gas station, garage, or sleeping spot. In the next update, when restarting the chapter, the position will be the initial one.


  • Depth of Field (DOF) in quality mode has been lowered to make nearby buildings and trees clearer.
  • Huge optimization for how a large number of assets are loaded in the world. This allowed us to increase the average values of dynamic 4K resolution by 15% without losing performance. Performance after this update will be the same or better. Improvements in the Performance (60FPS) mode are significant. The added resolution will make the picture look clearer with fewer upscaling artifacts.

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