Truck Driver: The American Dream Patch update PS5#12 and Xbox #6

Truck Driver: The American Dream Patch update PS5#12 and Xbox #6
Patch update

Playstation 5 patch#12 version / Xbox Series X/S #6 version

Hello, Truckers!

We are excited to announce that the latest update for Truck Driver: The American Dream, Playstation 5: Patch / Xbox X/S: Patch, is finally here! With this update comes a host of new missions and several enhancements, including major improvements to Performance mode and fixes to various bugs. This update is now available across all supported platforms. We hope that you enjoy this latest update and look forward to hearing your feedback.

Check out the patch note:

Freedom to Roam Bug Fixes:

• Added many more missions.

• Updated the version to 0.5.

Options Menu:

• Introduced truck engine volume settings (TRUCK ENGINE VOLUME) in the Audio menu, allowing players to customize the volume.

• Added SHADOWS QUALITY options for PS5 and Xbox Series X. Players can choose between Virtual Shadow Maps (VSMs) or standard Shadow Maps in the options menu. While VSMs offer superior quality, there may be instances of dynamic resolution reduction. In Performance mode, VSMs will automatically switch to standard Shadow Maps.

Improvements and Optimizations:

• Significant update to Performance mode, resulting in a much more stable overall FPS after numerous optimizations.

• Fidelity mode now has a higher average resolution when using the default SSM shadows.

• A sound now accompanies collisions with other vehicles in traffic.

• Improved fine calculations for colliding with another vehicle, relying on a refined system to consistently apply fines (more fines, but lower amounts).

• New HORN sound added to the game.

• Distance Field Shadows are added to all game visual modes, rendering shadows over five kilometers into the distance.

• Ambient audio was added to all cities in the game world.

• Introduction of new locations and upgrades to old locations with new assets and lighting.

• Increased pedestrian presence in PS5 and Xbox Series X versions.

• Added new vegetation, including five types of flowers and new types of bushes.

• Background added to the world map in the game.

• The final cutscene in the game updated with new art pieces.

• Maximum zoom levels in the world map updated, and POI Widget max and min scale values resized.

Important Bug Fixes:

• Resolved the game crashes that occurred when players teleported the truck with a trailer.

• Fixed broken terrain collision in some world areas, preventing the truck from falling through the ground.

• Rectified broken physics during teleportation, ensuring the truck no longer remains in the air.

• Fixed most popup assets, preventing them from appearing in front of the player camera.

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