Orange Season Patch update V0.11

Orange Season Patch update V0.11
Season of Stories update

Greetings, everyone! We're excited to share the latest update for Orange Season—v0.11: Season of Stories. Our focus in this patch has been on addressing community feedback, fixing bugs, and adding some new content to enhance your experience. Here's a sneak peek at what's in store:

+ Added a Main Story
+ Amanda's Story
+ Cindy's Story
+ Devin's Story
+ Lucas' Story
+ Nathalia's Story
+ Viktor's Story


New Features:
+ Added controller vibration (beta)
+ Added Goat & Yak
+ Added second house upgrade
+ Added prizes for winning the festivals
+ Added more sound effects
+ Updated all item descriptions
+ Reworked "Sleep and Save" feature
+ Reworked several icons
+ Reworked tasks  
+ Farmland is now highlighted
+ Farm well is more intuitive
+ Improved wildlife


Main Story
After settling in Orange Town, your new life seems to be going fine. However, the previous owner of your farm returns, and he wants it back!


On this journey to guarantee your future, your new life will mingle with a cast of strange, friendly and conflicting personalities. What kind of people will you and them be at the end?


- Fixed Saving/Loading
- Fixed issues with Animal Shop
- Fixed minor issues with animals
- Fixed "Meet & Greet" task completion
- Player can no longer move while the TV is playing
- Screen no longer goes black when selecting "Return to Main Menu"
- Shops that require ingredients will now display the full item name
- Player doesn't start the game in the bathroom anymore
- HUD is no longer visible during Chicken Race
- Fixed music playing even at 0 volume
- Cutting grass is now easier
- Fixed tree sprites blinking randomly during Autumn/Winter
- Improved interactions during festivals
- Chick now animates properly
- Fixed clouds going through the player's house in the intro
- Improved item descriptions
- Improved animation of the Type B protagonist
- Time no longer speeds up during festival days
- Fixed delayed transition when the player collapses
- Player no longer soft locks during Swimming Festival dialogue
- Repositioned lopsided images in the UI
- Fixed vending machines
- Fixed key mapping to an already existing key
- Improved drag-and-drop of items in the interface
- Fix animal name overflow
- Breaking objects on the upgraded farm now works properly
- The player no longer spawns on the wall at the mines
- Improved friends screen
- Player can no longer use their tools while running
- Forest bonfire no longer stays lit during daytime
- Fixed some items being held below the player
- Now, if the inventory is full, the reward for completing the festivals is sent to your storage
- Corrected spa animation
- Fixed stump breaking animation
- Fixed player getting stuck after receiving some tasks
- Wrong request item icon on some tasks in the Task Menu
- Fixed wrong day number on the HUD after starting or loading a game
- Removed night animal sounds playing during the intro cutscene
- Fixed stretched sprite inside the cooking interface
- Corrected some collisions being too small
- Improved outline of interactable objects
- Player can now properly show emotion balloons outside of cutscenes
- Fixed animals emitting light during storms
- Fixed farm animals not animating properly at Benjamin's Farm
- Fishing at Orange Town now works
- Fixed minor lighting issues
- Fixed a lot of task issues.
- Fixed trashcan issues
- Fixed shipping bin issues.
- Fixed weather forecast not working properly
- Fixed double player character bug
- Fixed chicken race selection issue
- Fixed a lot of collision issues
- Fixed beehive
- Improved fishing chance
- Improved fish spawns
- Fixed sprite issues while carrying items
- Fixed seeds randomly appearing while watering the farm
- Fixed trees changing colors randomly
- Fixed game pad controls while interacting with NPCs
- Several audio fixes during normal gameplay
- Plus several smaller fixes throughout the game!

We hope you enjoy these additions and improvements. Your feedback has been invaluable, and we can't wait to see your farms thrive in Orange Season. Happy farming!

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