New feature revealed in Monster Crown: Monster Scouting

New feature revealed in Monster Crown: Monster Scouting
The dark monster taming game introduces a new feature that allows players to battle monsters in an alternative way.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands - July 16, 2020

There is a quicker way now to climb up levels in Monser Crown. SOEDESCO and Studio Aurum introduced a new feature in the dark monster taming game today, called Monster Scouting. It's an alternative way of monster battling that allows you to quickly knock out monsters and level up. Make sure your monster is strong enough though! Have a look at Studio Aurum's new video to see how you can take on huge monsters that otherwise would be too tough to challenge. Monster Crown launches in Steam Early Access on July 31.

Monster Scouting

The new feature in Monster Crown gives you the opportunity to take down monsters in a super fast way and gain experience. But don't get in over your head by taking down a monster that is stronger than yours, or you'll find yourself getting chased. You could get yourself in some serious trouble as you try to run away after a failed battle. However, if you do it right, Monster Scouting is a great way to take down huge monsters that would normally be too strong to challange.

Want to know more about Monster Crown? The dark monster taming game recently revealed its brand new logo. Read more about it here.

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