Community driven game Monster Crown reveals its new logo

The dark monster taming game's new logo was revealed in the latest epidose of SOEDESCO Time

Release Date

31 July 2020

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Rating Pending


Studio Aurum



Rotterdam, The Netherlands - July 13, 2020

With only 18 days until the dark monster taming game Monster Crown comes to Steam Early Access, SOEDESCO® revealed the new logo of Monster Crown. They've shown the brand-new logo in their weekly episode of SOEDESCO Time. The episode can be found on the company's YouTube channel. With the new logo, SOEDESCO and developer Studio Aurum hope to better depict the story of the dark monster infested game. On July 31, you can discover the open-world of Crown Island. Until then, you can have a look at one of the recently revealed features of Monster Crown: Monster Scouting

Crown Island's dark story

Two decades ago, the monster infested Crown Island was ruled by the barbarous Philosopher Kings. They used dark magic to cause pain and suffering. Then, a group of young people rose up. They overthrew the Philosopher Kings and brought back peace to Crown Island. 

Now, there is another threat in the form of a young women who seeks to exert her tyranny by using the powers of the Philosopher Kings. Together with your monster companions, you need to travel across the island and stop this women before it's too late.  

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Monster Crown

Dive into a dark world where monsters rule and make pacts with them to defeat an evil young woman seeking power. Hunt, battle, tame and breed monsters to create your own legacy. Together with your monsters, you can restore the balance to Crown Island

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