New map DLC 'Heading North' is on its way to Truck Driver®

New map DLC 'Heading North' is on its way to Truck Driver®
SOEDESCO® announces an upcoming Nordic-inspired map DLC 'Heading North’ to launch in September 2021

Rotterdam, The Netherlands – 13 July 2021 – Today, SOEDESCO® announces the upcoming map DLC called ‘Heading North' for trucking experience Truck Driver in September 2021. The DLC will feature a new map called Mangefjell, a lush scenic island with Nordic inspired landscape. The new map teaser reveals some of the locations in this upcoming DLC and more teasers will be released in the near future. To play ‘Heading North’, players would need to have the base game.

Watch the ‘Heading North’ DLC Map teaser:

The map teaser shows that Mangefjell will showcase locations such as new towns, roundabouts, a harbor and geographical sceneries such as a field of geysers and an area of henges.

About Truck Driver 'Heading North' DLC

Expand your Truck Driver experience with the 'Heading North' DLC! When your uncle challenges you to continue your trucking career overseas in the cold, but captivating green country Mangefjell, you decide to take on the adventure. Drive around beautiful Nordic inspired landscapes as you continue your trucking career and complete numerous jobs for new characters.

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