Kaze and the Wild Masks' story trailer shows the 2D platformer is ready for action

Kaze and the Wild Masks' story trailer shows the 2D platformer is ready for action
As the countdown for its launch has begun, a brand-new trailer released today

Rotterdam, The Netherlands - March 4, 2021

As 90s classics inspired platformer Kaze and the Wild Masks is heading for its digital release on March 26, SOEDESCO® unveiled a brand-newtoday. The trailer shows off lots of gameplay variety, a rich 16-bit art style and music inspired by the classic tunes of the 90s. Kaze and the Wild Masks launches with a digital edition on Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Steam and Stadia™. The 2D platformer is now available for pre-order on the Nintendo, Microsoft and Stadia stores.The physical edition is set to release on May 25 for Nintendo Switch, PS4™ and Xbox One.

PixelHive’s vision

Kaze and the Wild Masks is developed by Brazilian indie development studio PixelHive and brought to Google Stadia by SOEDESCO®’s in-house development studio SOEDESCO Studios. PixelHive’s vision for the game is to seamlessly blend the classic characteristics of the 90’s platformer era with today’s gaming technology. They’ve created colorful visuals and music that perfectly captures the essence of 90s games, while modernizing it with higher resolutions, great details and the smoothness of today’s platformers. All the while, PixelHive brings plenty of versatility to the game with various environments, a charismatic character and story, and unique gameplay mechanics which keep the game fresh from stage to stage.

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