Farm-life RPG Fantasy Farming: Orange Season to be published by SOEDESCO

Farm-life RPG Fantasy Farming: Orange Season to be published by SOEDESCO
SOEDESCO teams up with Tropical Puppy to publish the community driven game Fantasy Farming: Orange Season.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands - December 11, 2019

SOEDESCO has teamed up with Brazilian indie developer Tropical Puppy for the publishing of the farm-life RPG Fantasy Farming: Orange Season. The game is currently available for Early Access on Steam with a 94% ‘very positive’ rating out of 110 total ratings.

Bas de Jonge, Marketing Manager at SOEDESCO, is eager to start working on the project. “As someone who grew up playing farm games, I can’t wait to start a farmer’s life in Orange Town and get to know the local’s life stories. Fantasy Farming: Orange Season looks fantastic and I look forward to seeing it develop further”.

Pierre Lehnen, CEO at Tropical Puppy, is excited to further improve the game with SOEDESCO’s help. "The SOEDESCO team has shown to be great fans of farm-life games and their experience with publishing and the business side of development will be very valuable for the game. I'm looking forward to working with them to make the most out of Fantasy Farming: Orange Season".

A dream come true

In Fantasy Farming: Orange Season, you’ve always dreamed of becoming a farmer. With your parents help, you’ve finally saved enough money to buy a plot of land in the charming farmers village Orange Town. Now it’s time to start your childhood dream and build a thriving farm as you establish your place among the eccentric villagers. Become a part of the Orange Town community and win prizes for your farm as you grow crops, raise animals, complete quests and more. Befriend the villagers and get to know their life stories as you help them out or go on dates together. Find out what mysteries lie in the forest when Raphael asks you to help him investigate, go on a cooking date with Lucas or get to know Cindy, who dreams of becoming a furniture designer. In Fantasy Farming: Orange Season, players get to create their own rich story and become a beloved farmer in town.

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