Real Time Tactics game Dog Duty received a brand-new game mode

Real Time Tactics game Dog Duty received a brand-new game mode
The new Horde Mode lets you battle waves of enemies. How long can you survive?

Rotterdam, The Netherlands - July 27, 2020

The fast-paced game Dog Duty received a brand-new update today that has added a new game mode: Horde Mode. You can now battle waves of enemies with your squad. How long will you be able to survive?

You can find the new game mode by clicking 'play' in the main menu and clicking the button on the bottom! The Horde Mode is a new implementation to Dog Duty, which means it is currently in its Beta-phase. We're very eager to hear your feedback! Please let us know what you think and what could be improved on the Steam Community Hub.  You can read the full list of patch notes below. Dog Duty is currently in Early Access on Steam and will also come to Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. Read more about it here.

Patch Notes

  • Added a beta version of a Horde Mode. Battle waves of enemies and survive in this brand new game mode! We're eager to hear feedback and ideas on this!
  • Heroes now have a brief recover animation, and will take a little more time to get up
  • Fixed issue that showed turret ranges after leaving Vehicle-Setup
  • Fixed a physics issue that could block the hovercraft on a specific spot near Swamp's POW Camp
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the hovercraft from being a target on specific situations
  • Fixed some specific blocking situations involving the map, vehicle icons etc.
  • Now the pause screen and general menus do not overlap while using a game pad

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