Truck Driver: Steam Update

Truck Driver: Steam Update
Patch 1.35.1

Hey there, Truck Drivers!

Heads up! Truck Driver - Patch 1.35.1 has just been released on the Steam version of the game! In this latest update, we've added Hidden Places and Truck Damage DLC as part of the base game, in addition to several bug fixes. We trust that these changes will further enhance your experience in Truck Driver. Thank you for your continued support!

Check out the full patch notes below:

  • Added the hidden places and Truck damage DLC as a feature to the base game.

Existing Issues fixed:

  • fixed unwanted invisible colliders, present in multiple areas of the map.
  • fixed UI speed limit value to match the speed limit of road signs.
  • made a general fix for truck teleporting issues, this includes resetting truck after major crashes, resetting after the fuel tank is completely empty, resetting after falling asleep.
  • made a general fix for trailer spawning issues for all the missions.
  • made a fix for the trailer not spawning after resetting the truck or game or starting the job again.
  • made a fix for the truck trailer spawning in a different place than intended at Maryie's missions.
  • general collider fixes for more realistic behavior.
  • general visual asset fixes and bug fixes.

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