Truck Driver®'s new patch is now live on PlayStation®4

Truck Driver®'s new patch is now live on PlayStation®4
Several known issues got fixed in the newest patch of the trucking experience.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands - June 5, 2020

A new patch for trucking experience Truck Driver® is now live on PlaySation®4. This patch fixes several of the known issues that came with the previous patch. A new patch for the Xbox One version is currenty being tested and will be submitted shortly. A detailed list of all the fixed issues can be found below. The known issues will be followed-up by the next patch.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed memory leak resulting in random crashes
  • Fixed an issue where trailers wouldn't spawn for several missions, including tutorial
  • Fixed an issue where trailers would spawn clipped into the ground
  • Fixed an issue where trucks would levitate in the air and constantly respawn
  • Fixed issues with Logitech G29 steering wheel
  • Fixed an soft lock issue when entering garage via the game world
  • Fixed an issue where the "Saving Data" prompt wouldn't disappear
  • Fixed an issue where every save file would show 0 hours played
  • Fixed an issue where changes weren't saved in the garage
  • Fixed an issue where repairing your engine in garage didn't work
  • Fixed an issue with previews not being correct in the garage
  • Fixed an issue where terrain textures would go over the road on some locations
  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash after installing an engine
  • Fixed an issue where you weren't able to install another entire at all
  • Fixed an issue where paint colors were labeled wrong in the garage
  • Fixed an issue where AI vehicles would honk for red traffic lights

Known Issues

  • Tutorial gets initiated when loading a new save and/or exiting the garage
  • Issues with Arabic language display
  • AI vehicles glitch where they'd fall from the sky
  • Issue with the windshield wipers on the Venture EZ Travel truck
  • Several steering wheel force feedback issues
  • Issue where windshield rain effect occurs in tunnels
  • Issues with AI behaviour when switching lanes
  • Issues with AI vehicles smashing brakes randomly

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