Truck Driver Mini Series concludes with video about Customization

Truck Driver Mini Series concludes with video about Customization
Customizing trucks is a big part of Truck Driver, as can be seen in this final episode.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands - August 5, 2019

Today, SOEDESCO concludes their Truck Driver Mini Series with a third and final episode about Customization. The previous episode ended with completing a first job, earning money and experience. This episode shows how players can use that money to customize or repair their truck.  

Tune that truck

Customization in Truck Driver takes place in the garage, where players can change the looks of their truck, buy new trucks or add new parts to help with specific kind of jobs. There are many options that affect the stats of the truck. The state of the truck has an effect on the stats as well, so it’s important to visit the garage if an accident has happened along the way. Another way to increase stats is through skills and passives, which players can unlock by acquiring more experience. These skills and passives can result in improvements and benefits such as longer stamina, durability of parts or discounts on truck repair for example.

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