Real Farm – Gold Edition now available as free update

Real Farm – Gold Edition now available as free update
New ‘take home the gold’ trailer released

Rotterdam, The Netherlands – 24 June 2021 – With a brand new trailer, Farming experience Real Farm - Gold Edition launched today for PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Steam and Epic Games Store as a free update for existing owners. The Gold Edition includes countless fixes and improvements as well as all previously released DLC. Steam users also receive the game’s Original Soundtrack with this Gold Edition.


Take home the gold
The new trailer dropped by SOEDESCO today focuses on the narrative of the game. Players start out with nothing in career mode and will have to work jobs for other farmers to work their way up to ultimately buy their own farm, equipment and vehicles for both work and leisure to ‘take home the gold’. For players who would rather jump right into farming and managing their farm there’s free mode, which starts players out with everything they need to get right into it.

General additions

  • Both DLC packs (Potato pack & Grünes Tal map) are included in the Gold Edition
  • AI pedestrians added
  • AI traffic improved and more AI vehicle models added
  • UI/UX overhaul for tutorial, game map and shops
  • Tire tracks added for all vehicles
  • Unity upgrade to 2019.4 (improved visuals)
  • Extensive bug fixing on issues that were present in the previous versions


  • Fixed an issue with progress bars for specific jobs did not track progression
  • Fixed an issue where the Job Hopper achievement would not unlock even though jobs for all characters had been completed
  • Fixed issues to improve loading times
  • Fixed an issue where job boards would run out of jobs, which resulted in the player getting stuck
  • Fixed issues where attaching attachments or trailers sometimes didn't work
  • Fixed an issue where all the animals animations moved in sync
  • Fixed an issue where players would fall through the map
  • Fixed an issue where Arabic language was not displayed correctly in-game
  • Fixed an issue where going to the farmhouse and triggering the sleep icon prompted an empty box
  • Fixed an issue where in the main menu, instead of recognizing the account that's used, the welcome message displayed "WELCOME {0}!".
  • Fixed an issue where if you change the language in the main menu players couldn't press apply.
  • Fixed an issue where the game crashes when changing languages and spamming B
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn't exit the credits screen
  • Fixed an issue where the descriptions for the seeds and insecticides in the western farm supplies were switched
  • Fixed an issue where exiting the truck when parked in the yard caused the player avatar to fall though the world
  • Fixed issues with controller support
  • Fixed an issue where players could not switch to keyboard after disconnecting controller
  • Fixed an issue where tire tracks did not appear with specific vehicles
  • Fixed an issue where slurry could not be drained
  • Fixed an issue with seeding jobs that provides players with the equipment, but no seeds
  • Fixed issues with the Fern 6000 attachment
  • Fixed an issue where the small plow could catapult the player into the air
  • Fixed an issue where loading a game where players have an attachment attached to their vehicle resulted in being catapulted into the air
  • Fixed an issue where strange lines were showing on field
  • Fixed an issue where Manure/Slurry couldn't be removed
  • Fixed an issue with highlighted text in save game details
  • Fixed an issue where texture seams were visible
  • Fixed an issue where save files displayed incorrect play time data
  • Fixed an issue with random traffic jams created by AI vehicles
  • Fixed issues with localization
  • Fixed an issue where the video section was broken
  • Fixed an issue where grain would vanish
  • Fixed an issue where bold letters would show in regular typeface words
  • Fixed an issue where 'More Info'' localization made the button go off-screen
  • Fixed an issue where Map Menu UI was present when interacting with shops
  • Fixed an issue where ground textures would go invisible
  • Made instructions more clear, especially in early game
  • Fixed an issue where players had to click to fill seeders and spreaders. Players can now hold down to fill
  • Fixed an issue where particle effects didn't allign with vehicle wheels
  • Fixed an issue where engine sounds were very low in volume
  • Fixed an issue where loading up grain would result in it falling through player's trailers
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn't feed their cattle
  • Fixed an issue where vehicles could get stuck in fences

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