SOEDESCO teams up with studio Aurum for ‘Monster Crown’

SOEDESCO teams up with studio Aurum for ‘Monster Crown’
A promising indie title that is all about catching and taming fantastic monsters.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands - February 6, 2019

SOEDESCO has announced that it has partnered with game developer Studio Aurum for the publishing of dark monster breeding and taming game Monster Crown. Studio Aurum is a Canadian indie developer that has passionately been working on the development of Monster Crown since 2016.

Breeding new monsters

In Monster Crown, players can catch and tame all sorts of monsters and even breed new species with them. Breeding or fusing monsters in Monster Crown creates brand new species that can be named by the player. These crossbreeds are truly a mix of both parents in every way.

The monstrous story of Crown Island

After being ruled by the sadistic, monstrous Philosopher Kings for 20 years, Crown Island was saved by a group of young men and women who overthrew the Kings. Now, a dangerous woman threatens to revive the Kings and restore them to their thrones. It’s up to the player to prevent the return of this tyranny, with the help of their Monster companions.

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