Monster taming game Monster Crown reveals its brand-new key art

Monster taming game Monster Crown reveals its brand-new key art
Behold the colorful new key art of the fan-embraced RPG.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands - July 28, 2020

As Monster Crown is heading towards its Early Access launch on Steam this Friday, July 31, we've revealed colorful new key art for the game. The new key art represents the colorful world of Crown Island. Although characterized by its dark story, Monster Crown has a good side as well. This key art trully represents the duality of humanity. Jason Walsh, the developer of Studio Aurum, describes the key art as 'the cover of his dreams'. On July 31, you can discover the open-world of Crown Island. Until then, you can have a look at one of the recently revealed features of Monster Crown: Monster Scouting.

The dark story of Crown Island

20 years ago, Crown Island was ruled by the sadistic, monstrous Philosopher Kings who used dark magic to inflict suffering and exert their tyranny. A group of young people rose up, overthrowing the Philosopher Kings and bringing peace back to Crown Island. Now, a dangerous young woman is trying to get her hands on the Philosopher Kings’ power. It is up to the player to travel across Crown Island with their monster companions to put an end to the dark, underground plot.

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