Monster taming game Monster Crown receives new content update

Monster taming game Monster Crown receives new content update
The Early Access game got a newly added gene lab, a transformative item and more.

A new content update just released for Monster Crown. The dark monster taming game expanded its monstrous gameplay with a gene lab, embryos and a brand new monster; Apo. Monster Crown is currently in Early Access on Steam with a 90% ‘very positive’ rating. Less than a month ago, on August 25, the game received its first big content update introducing online monster trading and the ‘Move Learner’.

Three monstrous features

The second content update brings a whole new gene lab, embryos and a previously unavailable monster: Apo to Crown Island. The gene lab allows players to experiment and create their own custom breed by choosing which features they’ll inherit from each parent. This powerful feature is the next dimension in monster customizability! A transformative item unlocks a new sought after monster along with a slew of new crossbreeds. With the anti-fungal, tamers will be able to change the corrupted zombie monster Laz back to its original form; the harmless monster Apo.  Lastly, Hi-Temperature breeding has been added to the game. When using this new method, the egg phase is bypassed and an embryo will hatch immediately, which enables players to review the statistics and inheritance quickly. However, this method comes at a cost. Embryos are very vulnerable and if knocked out in battle, they’ll be lost forever. Players must successfully level up the newborn in order for it to mature into its true form.

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