Monster Crown, a childhood dream turned reality, launches in Steam Early Access tomorrow

Monster Crown, a childhood dream turned reality, launches in Steam Early Access tomorrow
The monster taming game is characterized by its dark story that’s dear to the developer’s heart.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands - July 30, 2020

Monster Crown launches in Steam® Early Access tomorrow. The dark monster taming game is a one-man project developed by Jason Walsh, the founder of Studio Aurum. What started as a dream in the late 90’s, inspired by classics such as Dragon Warrior Monster 2, Keitai Denjū Telefang and the first two generations of Pokémon, is now a monster taming game turned reality. The dark story of Monster Crown dives into the good and evil of the human race and reveals a lot of the developer’s inner self. In an in-depth interview with Jason, he touches the subject of his motivation and inspiration behind Monster Crown and he shares why this project is so dear to him.

True cross breeds and online battling

To become a competitive battler in Monster Crown, players need to breed the perfect monster. When they begin their journey on Crown Island, there are over 200 base monsters roaming the wild. Unlike here on earth, it’s the monsters that rule mankind. Players will have to make pacts with these monsters to get them on their side. Only then they can breed these monsters to create new offspring that is a true mix of both parents. Each new species is unique, since appearance, moves, stats and even the moves the monster is capable of learning are all inherited. A brilliant breeder may find their creations in high demand by competitive battlers and collectors.

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