Monster Crown - Red King DLC now available

Monster Crown - Red King DLC now available
Monster Crown - Red King DLC - Patch v1.1.0

Hello, tamers!

We're excited to announce that the brand-new Red King DLC for Monster Crown will finally be available for the Steam version on Friday, February 9, 2024, as part of the v1.1.0 update. This downloadable content brings in a new Province called Dino Land, offering opportunities to discover new, primordial beasts and embark on fresh adventures. Additionally, this update addresses previously identified bugs to improve your experience in Monster Crown. We hope that you enjoy this DLC and can't wait to hear what you think.

Check out the patch note:

Deep in Flowering Province a new Province has been discovered - Dino Land!

This discovery has led to the findings of new, primordial beasts. Navigate the cliffs high above Undergrowth Pass to tame new beasts, including two mysterious fossils of monsters from even farther into the distant past of Crown Island. Find a legendary Bone Bow to add to your array of powers.

Baby Monsters now roam the wilds of Crown Island, be on the lookout for these rare appearances, and even breed your own!

Head to dark back alleys of Nio Kio to find a dubious card supplier who can help you to obtain the dark beast Bant, the enigmatic ocean monster and more important monsters from Crown Island's history.

Other secrets await a daring player with a bow... be careful when monsters multiply - and double your caution when they combine!




Return to a brand-new Crown Island four years later as the up-and-coming tamer Mark, from Frobec!

Inspired by the hero he once adventured with, Mark will set out with his baby Stamlanche to blaze his own destiny. Explore how the provinces and towns of Crown Island have changed since the hero's victory, catch up with old friends, and repair the nation's new Island-wide Train network to rein in a new era in the land.

Make use of new powers, enjoy a vibrant new world and meet new provincial forms of old favorites!

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