Guns and Spurs 2 gallops onto Nintendo Switch today

Guns and Spurs 2 gallops onto Nintendo Switch today
Guns And Spurs 2 available now on Nintendo Switch

Guns and Spurs 2 gallops
onto Nintendo Switch today

Rotterdam, The Netherlands – 24 November 2023
SOEDESCO and Frozen Lake Game Studio are thrilled to announce that Guns and Spurs 2 has officially launched today on Nintendo Switch, in digital and physical formats.

As part of this exciting release, we share a new trailer, offering a glimpse into the daring lives of bounty hunters and ruthless outlaws of the Wild West.

This second installment in the Guns and Spurs series continues to expand on its predecessor with several new features and enhancements. It introduces a brand-new narrative and additional in-game activities within a revamped 3D setting inspired by the American Old West.

Bring outlaws to justice

Step into the role of a bounty hunter and capture the most notorious bandits of the Wild West. Arm yourself with handguns and rifles, enhancing them as needed for old-fashioned showdowns, and throw your lasso to capture your enemies, dead or alive.  

Take part in Old West activities

Beyond tracking down criminals, the Old West holds a variety of exciting activities, including horse racing, animal hunting, goods delivery, cattle herding, and more. Along your journey, you will encounter strangers in trouble, offering you the choice to extend a helping hand or ride on by.

Dare to unearth an ancient secret

The Wild West is more than just a home of cowboys and outlaws, as it also hides many secrets. A thrilling adventure awaits those brave enough to embark on a quest in search of the cursed skulls rumored to hide a dangerous ancient curse.

Ask us for Guns and Spurs 2 codes

If you are interested in the game, you can request game codes for the Nintendo Switch version of Guns and Spurs 2 by replying to this email or by reaching out to

Guns and Spurs 2 delivers an exciting
and nostalgic shoot-out experience

  • Ride around a sprawling landscape inspired by the Old West
  • Play as a relentless bounty hunter and track down 25 increasingly difficult criminals and challenge eight bounty bosses in intense duels
  • Show off your style by customizing your character and horse with a wide range of outfits and cosmetics
  • Wield 13 handguns and rifles and upgrade them as you progress
  • Unlock fast travel for quick access to various areas within the open world

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