Desolatium Patch #1

Desolatium Patch #1
Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4/5 & Xbox One / Series X/S patch update

Hello there, horror fans! We're rolling out the latest update for DESOLATIUM—Patch #1.02. This patch comes with several fixes to previously determined bugs and issues across Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S versions. We hope these changes will enhance your experience in DESOLATIUM.Check out the patch notes below:

Patch notes:

  • Characters texture size has been significantly reduced and useless textures have been eliminated. The game now weights way less.
  • Added a post-credits cinematic after credits finish rolling.
  • Resolved several localization issues.
  • Last autosave is done in the scene previous to the last one (chapter 14 scene 09).

Bug fixes:

Main menu" and "in-game menu":

  • The pointer is not displayed when using the touch screen.
  • The voice language can be set correctly and be different from the subtitle language.
  • Control option shows which button corresponds to "Back" input.
  • Sound menu texts don't overlap in Polish and Russian (or any language).
  • Selecting "Continue" option after finishing the game doesn't couse a softlock.
  • 2 inputs are not required to start controlling the menu.
  • Menu can be closed directly with the "+" button and moved back one step with the "B" button.
  • Pressing the "+" button does not cause the menu to open and close immediately.   


  • Right stick cannot be used to control the camera.
  • Going to the first scene during chapter "Big trouble in little Innsmouth" (chapter 06) doesn't cause the opening cinematic with the poster.
  • Deleted an interaction with a removed element during chapter "Blood and rock nights" (chapter 11 scene 03)
  • A red dot doesn't appear when transitioning between scenes.


  • Pressing the "X" button will not cause the inventory to open and close immediately.
  • It is not possible to close the inventory during the end of some chapters using the touch screen.
  • The game doesn't allow you to open the inventory before main menu opens.
  • Notes and objects texts don't cause overlapping.


  • when opening a dialogue, character images and question text are loaded correctly.

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