Bunny Park launches on all major digital platforms

Bunny Park launches on all major digital platforms
Bunny Park hops its way over to all major digital platforms and is accompanied by a new launch trailer. The game is now available on Epic Games, PlayStation®, Xbox and Nintendo Switch™.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands – 30 September 2022 – SOEDESCO® launches the casual simulation game Bunny Park on Epic Games, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. SOEDESCO and Cozy Bee Games celebrate today’s launch with a brand-new launch trailer. The physical release date of this fluffy game is set to November. Watch the launch trailer:

A cozy game with an abundance of adorable bunnies, now available on all platforms

Bunny Park is developed by solo independent developer Éloïse Laroche, also known as Cozy Bee Games. While Bunny Park is already available on Steam®, Éloïse is happy to see the title released on consoles: “I am very happy to see that a game about building a peaceful park for your pets resonates with so many people! I loved seeing the parks everyone created so far and I hope to see even more of them with the game now out on consoles!"

About Bunny Park
Choose from a range of different decorations and toys to create a charming park! Expand your park and increase its rating to attract new bunnies. Be sure to pet your bunnies to keep them happy, but don't wake them up! Bring all the bunnies home, each with their own pattern and personality.


  • Build and decorate your own nature park
  • Care for your bunnies with snacks and pets
  • Create a popular, cozy and cute park
  • Complete your bunny collection

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