The trucker life awaits you in Truck Driver® on Nintendo Switch™

Read all about the game’s Nintendo specific features and in-game characters to prepare yourself for the trucker life

By Linda Bendsneijder


Release Date

PS4 / Xbox One: 19 September 2019

Nintendo Switch: 17 November 2020

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands - November 11, 2020

Find out how you can easily make a name for yourself as a respected trucker on the Nintendo Switch! In Truck Driver, you inherit a truck from your father and decide to move to a new city to become a trucker. The game launched on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One on September 19, 2019 and sees its Nintendo Switch release less than a week from now, on November 17. Since its release last year, we've been working hard on further improving the game with new content and updates. With Truck Driver on Nintendo Switch, we're planning to do the same. Read more about everything that has already changed since then, here

In Truck Driver, you navigate through the countryside and urban environments while transporting all kinds of cargo for different characters. Explore a seamless open world, complete jobs, arrive at your destination on time and see how well you can drive and park in a 30-ton vehicle. Truck Driver allows you to enjoy casual rides from the comfort of your couch or on the go while you experience the eventful career life of a trucker.  
As the Nintendo Switch version is now available, we’re taking a closer look at Truck Driver’s Nintendo specific features and each of the game’s characters. This will give you a better idea of the trucking life that awaits you once you start up the game on your Nintendo Switch. 

     "Truck Driver supports several Nintendo specific features that make for a more immersive trucking experience" 

Motion Steering 

Truck Driver supports several Nintendo specific features that make for a more immersive trucking experience. One such feature, is the motion steering. Using this 3D motion feature will allow you to either steer your truck or rotate the in-game camera by using the console’s tilt controls. When playing the game in handheld mode, you can simply  tilt your Switch left, right, up and down. Whether you steer your truck or rotate the in-game camera with the motion steering feature is up to you. It’s a preference setting that you can choose from in the Options menu. 

Though you may get a few funny looks when playing Truck Driver in public, using motion steering will feel more intuitive and brings a more satisfying trucking-like immersion. This is especially the case when you’re taking advantage of the next Nintendo specific feature for Truck Driver: the single Joy-Con™ support.

Single Joy-Con™ support

The single Joy-Con support is the second feature that Truck Driver utilizes to optimize the trucking experience. This feature allows you to use a single Joy-Con while playing. With horizontal grip, you can either play Truck Driver with the Joy-Con’s normal controls, or you can use the Joy-Con’s tilt controls. Using the tilt controls in solo horizontal Joy-Con grip enables you to drive around with the same two options as when you’re using motion steering in handheld mode. By tilting your Joy-Con left, right, up and down, either your truck will move or the in-game camera will rotate. 

Together with the single Joy-Con, you use a compatible steering wheel, such as the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Wheel accessory, which is supported by the game. With this accessory, you can turn either one of your Joy-Cons into a wheel, enabling you to have a more engaging truck driving experience. The wheel will bring you the same preference settings: tilt the wheel to steer your truck, or turn your in-game camera.    

             "With HD Rumble, the Joy-Cons will be able to simulate several movements in a more detailed way"

HD Rumble

Another feature that will bring your trucking experience to life on the Nintendo Switch is HD Rumble. With HD Rumble, the Joy-Cons will be able to simulate several movements in a more detailed way. When holding your Nintendo Switch in handheld mode, the separation of the Joy Cons are able to simulate certain movements of your truck. For example, when you hit something on the left, you will only feel it in your left Joy-Con. If you are playing Truck Driver with a single Joy-Con, you will feel it on the left side of your Joy-Con. With HD Rumble, you will also feel a difference in the intensity of the vibration. For instance, if you have a small crash, you’ll only feel a slight vibration and if there’s a big crash, you’ll feel a stronger vibration. The HD Rumble also works when you’re turning the engine on and off, hooking up the trailer and more.


Lastly, Truck Driver also makes use of the Nintendo Switch touch-screen feature. When you’re playing the game in handheld mode, the intuitive touch-screen feature enables you to control the in-game menu and to look around while your truck is stationary, allowing for numerous points of interaction at once. With touch-screen support in the in-game menu, you’re able to touch and swipe along the menu screen of Truck Driver so you can easily select different options. When playing Truck Driver, simple swipes on the screen will quickly change the angle of your view so you can look around freely. This allows you to easily look at your truck and the surroundings from all different kinds of angles when you’re standing still. 

"Truck Driver revolves around building a trucking career while getting to know the characters and establishing relationships"

The characters

Now that we’ve gone over the game’s Nintendo specific features, lets dive into the characters of Truck Driver. The game revolves around building a trucking career while getting to know the characters and establishing relationships. Along the way, you’ll meet several different characters that you can do jobs for. In any case, you will always know who you’re driving for, what cargo you’re transporting, why your help is needed and how your work impacts the world around you. In Truck Driver, you’ll come across six different characters who are all in need of a trucker. Each of these characters has his or her own story, needs and personality. To find out for whom you’re going to complete jobs and why it’s not only earning you money, but also giving them a chance to expand their business, we’re letting you in on the individual story of each character.

Charlie Dover

One of the first characters you’ll come across is Charlie Dover, a hardworking 47-year old fishmonger who is married to his childhood sweetheart Mary with four lovely daughters. You can recognize him by his friendly, ginger bearded face and short appearance. Originally named Charles, Charlie is the second son of a fisherman John. His father used to own the family fishing trawler. Even as a young boy, Charlie loved to go out to sea with him. However, Charlie’s older brother George took over dad’s boat, which made Charlie decide to become a fishmonger instead. 

He started with a small fish shop in town, which grew into a successful fish market. He recently bought a big harbor hangar to house his “C. Dover’s Exceptional Seafood Company”. Charlie takes particular pride in the fact that he also sells the fish that his brother brings in from the stormy waters. While he wants to be liked and loved by everybody, he also wants to make more money than his brother George ever will. He would therefore like to make his seafood company to prosper even more. It’s to no surprise that your help as a truck driver comes in handy for this. So in order for Charlie to grow his company, he would like to offer you some jobs and see how it goes from there. 

Andrei Funar

Another frequent character you’ll get to meet in Truck Driver is Andrei Funar. He is a 46-year-old construction site manager for a large company in Westerhaven. Andrei is divorced and has two daughters who live with their mother. Even though he has a great passion for construction, he wishes he could leave his job and become a ‘simple’ yet happy carpenter again like in the good old days. But unfortunately, he changed his mind when the alimony bills started coming in. Still, Andrei would like nothing more than to have his wife and children back, although he has recently learned that his ex-wife is now dating a banker type of guy.  
In an interesting turn of events, Andrei’s twin sister Ioana, who spent a couple of years abroad, has recently returned to her native soil. She accepted a job as the site manager of a rival construction company in Osterhaven. As fate would have it, this happens to be one of the many businesses that is owned by the investment company that Andrei’s ex-wife’s new lover is working for. On the one hand he is happy that his sister is nearby again and he is extremely proud of everything she has achieved. On the other hand, he simply cannot understand why she has chosen to work for that particular construction company. Fraternising with the enemy, there’s simply no other way to put it… 

Iona Funar

Next up, is Iona Funar. We know her as the twin sister of Andrei. Also 46 years old, she has always shared the same love for construction as her brother. As the twins grew up, they turned out to be equally skilled artisans. Iona Funar is a hardworking, determined and skillful person. She used to be rather uptight, but her time abroad has broadened her horizons and made her a bit more relaxed. When she returned, she accepted a job as the site manager of a large construction company in Osterhaven. However, since the company is owned by the investment company for which the new lover of Andrei’s ex-wife is working for, she has been stuck in a rather uncomfortable position. She never intended to unnerve Andrei. It just so happened that the position was available and that it was the type of work that appealed to her. In fact, it took her quite a while to find out the reason for Andrei’s estrangement from her. She feels really bad about the situation, because she loves her brother and she would like to be close to him again. Or at least on speaking terms for a start.  

Mary O’Sullivan 

Mary O’Sullivan is a 28-year-old self-proclaimed ‘independent business woman’. She is the oldest daughter of the notorious Irish racketeer Frank O’Sullivan. Since her father is currently severely limited in his freedom of movement, due to some unfortunate misunderstandings with the local authorities concerning several business transactions, Mary has decided to set up a shop on her own. Some of the more traditionally-minded employees and business associates of her father’s (including her soon to be ex-husband) do not really seem to approve of her aspirations, but the majority of them applaud her noble efforts, not in the least because of her rather persuasive style of management. She longs for power and money, which is why she could really use the help of a trucker to transport her goods. 

David Sung 

David Sung is a 36 year old director of engineering at a local power plant. David is married with two children. Having completed his university studies in engineering, he started his career at a large power plant in Shanghai. As he rose in the ranks, the management decided to send him to a sister company in Europe, to become the director of engineering. At first David considered the promotion a great honour, but after a few months all of the responsibilities started weighing him down. In an attempt to escape his work related stress, he turned to online gambling. This has led to him having a huge debt.  

Now he is desperately trying to find a way to tell his wife. Fortunately, there might still be a chance to escape his troubles. Recently, one of the board members of the power plant approached him with a rather lucrative proposal. Sure, it involves turning a blind eye to some environmental regulations and a couple of administrative matters, but the end justifies the means, doesn't it? 

Sven Nordlund 

The last character you’ll meet in Truck Driver is Sven Nordlund, a 41-year-old lumberyard owner. Sven is an outdoorsman in every aspect. He loves hunting, fishing and going out on long hikes. He values his independence and doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty to make a living. When he got the chance to take over his uncle’s company, he didn’t hesitate long. Sven is now the proud owner of his own lumberyard. He values being his own man more than everything and he has a lot of love for his work. With a new truck driver in town, he can use your help to make his company grow. 

These were all the characters in Truck Driver. Do you have what it takes to help these people out and make a name for yourself as a respected trucker? Truck Driver is coming to Nintendo Switch on November 17. Armed with four Nintendo specific features and a truck, you can take on the profession with ease.  We’re now giving away a Nintendo Switch together with the game. Enter below for your chance to win. Good luck!  

Truck Driver is also available on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. Curious to learn more about Truck Driver, or would you like to tell us what you think we should include in the game? Come join our Discord to chat with us and other dedicated Truck Driver players! It's a place where you get to share ideas and show us your perfect truck screenshot. We're always open to suggestions and feedback on how we can further improve the game.

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