Truck Driver® has received patch v1.15 on Xbox One

A new patch for PlayStation®4 became available on June 25; read more about this patch here.


Release Date

PS4 / Xbox One: 19 September 2019

Nintendo Switch: 17 November 2020

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands - June 30, 2020

A new Truck Driver® patch for Xbox One was published today. This brings the game from v1.07 to v1.15. We held back some versions on Xbox One as we encountered issues in the PS4™ live build, which we didn't want to happen on Xbox One as well. Today we're happy that we're finally able to bring this new and improved version of Truck Driver® to Xbox One as well! The biggest things in this update are the Unity Engine upgrade, the groundwork for the new AI system and two new purchasable garages. There's a lot more in this patch than just that, though, so please find the full patch notes for the v1.15 Xbox One patch below.

If you have any feedback on this patch for us, please join our Discord server at or send an email to

Patch Notes 

  • Implemented the groundworks for a completely new AI system
  • Upgraded Unity engine version from 2017.4 to 2019.2
  • In-game UI was overhauled for a more practical display of information
  • Added two optional purchasable garages. One in Osterhaven Port and one in Baaikant
  • Speed limit sign for the current road was added to the satnav
  • Added visible exhaust smoke for all trucks
  • Added a force feedback sensitivity slider for physical steering wheels
  • Tweaked all timed missions in the game to make the more realistic to complete
  • Added a change camera button on physical steering wheels
  • Added optional imperial unit system to be selected from the options menu
  • Added multiple optional currencies to be selected from the options menu
  • Implemented "Stop & Go" braking, which requires players to release and press the left trigger to go into reverse after braking
  • Fixed 'Can we build it?' achievement, which will now unlock correctly after completing all story missions for Andrei Funar
  • Fixed 'Yes we can!' achievement, which will now unlock correctly after completing all story missions for Ioana Funar
  • Tweaked force feedback settings for multiple steering wheels

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