Patch v1.16 for Truck Driver® is now live on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One

This update is focused on improving the AI System, repeatable jobs and bug fixes.

Release Date

PS4 / Xbox One: 19 September 2019

Nintendo Switch: T.B.A.

Age Rating






Rotterdam, The Netherlands - August 10, 2020

Truck Driver® got a new patch for PlayStation®4 and Xbox One today. Patch v1.16 is focused on further improving the revamped AI system. AI vehicles will now behave more naturally and will respect right of way laws better. Next to this, more trailer types have been added to the repeatable jobs and there's been multiple bug fixes and performance enhancements. Please read the full patch notes below.

If you have any feedback on this patch for us, please join our Discord server at or send an email to

Patch Notes 

  • Revamped the AI right-of-way system. AI vehicles now yield more reliably to vehicles with right of way
  • Revamped the AI braking system. AI vehicles should now de-accelerate more smoothly and accurately in all situations, causing traffic to look more natural
  • Increased the opportunities for AI to switch lanes and overtake other vehicles
  • AI brake lights should look more natural now, without flickering
  • Adjusted AI vehicle collision bounding boxes
  • Multiple performance optimizations
  • Increased variety of cargo trailers available in repeatable jobs
  • Fixed: After finishing Charlie Dover's eight mission, a pop-up appeared on the left size with zero value
  • Fixed: After completing a mission and changing the currency, a pop-up appeared on the right side without the updated currency symbol.
  • Fixed: flickering shadows on distant terrain
  • Fixed: text being clipped on the Passives screen on some languages
  • Fixed: speed not showing as zero when the truck was stopped in some situations
  • Fixed: memory leak that caused crashes
  • Fixed: AI vehicles would sometimes fail to detect vehicles in front of them

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