Monster Crown’s Super Gro transformation team is now available

Players have voted for their favorite transformation team to be released today.


Release Date

Steam Early Access: 31 July 2020

Full Release: T.B.A.

Age Rating

Rating Pending


Studio Aurum



Rotterdam, The Netherlands - November 20, 2020

For a full week, players were able to vote which transformation team they’d like to receive today. Fans of the dark monster taming game could vote for the Atomic Clock transformation team or the Super Gro transformation team. The poll has ended and Super Gro came out as the winner! This means the Early Access game receives a patch today with the Super Gro transformation team. Fans of the Atomic Clock transformation team shouldn’t be worried, as this transformation team will be released together with the full Content Update #4 next week, on November 27. 

Super Gro and Atomic Clock Transformations

The Super Gro transformation team includes transformations of the monsters Apo, Jungro and Laz. The transformation can be activated via a special item that incudes super growth. In order to find this item, you need to search the nearby area of the Duchess' tower. 

The Atomic Clock transformation team will be released next week, on November 27 and includes transformations of Dracoyle, Gorgem and Darwhol. The transformations can be activated via an atomic clock that has the power to warp time in order for your monster to transform immediatly. 

Both transformation teams can be used infinite times during a battle, though you'll have to keep in mind that the transformation will wear off once the battle is over. However, you can use the items outside of a battle to make the transformation permanent, but the catch is that you can only use it once, so you will have to choose wisely.

Read more about the game's latest Content Update here.

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Monster Crown

Dive into a dark world where monsters rule and make pacts with them to defeat an evil young woman seeking power. Hunt, battle, tame and breed monsters to create your own legacy. Together with your monsters, you can restore the balance to Crown Island

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