Looking for some frightening games to play on Halloween?

Dive into the horrific stories of these 4 horror games to see which one will leave you sleepless...

By Linda Bendsneijder


Rotterdam, The Netherlands - October 29, 2020

It’s October 31, the year is 2020 and you find yourself home alone in the middle of the night. Not tired at all yet, you decide to lock the door, close all the curtains and turn off the lights. Then you proceed to light up just enough candles for you to see the contours of the room. It’s time, you hear yourself thinking, and you get up to turn on your console. As the screen lights up, you face your first difficult decision of the night. On the screen, four titles appear: Among the Sleep, Dollhouse, Monstrum and Remothered: Tormented Fathers. Which one will you choose?  

If it’s jump scares and goosebumps you’re after, all four games got you covered. From horror adventure, to psychological horror, they’ll all be able to send shivers down your spine. Ready or not, we’ll let you in on the story of each game, so you can decide which one will give you the ultimate fright night. 

Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition

We’ll start off with Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition, an award-winning first-person horror adventure in which you’ll become a two-year-old child again.
When you start up the game on your Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4 or Xbox One, you’ll find yourself celebrating your second birthday with your mom. The doorbell rings and she gets up to answer the door. After what sounds like an unsettling argument, she slams the door shut and comes back with a gift for you. Instead of showing it to you, she carries you and the gift box upstairs to your room. But before your mom can hand you the gift, the phone starts ringing and she leaves you in the bedroom to let you play alone. That’s when you first meet your comforting friend who will stay with you throughout what’s about to become a nightmare. Out of the gift box comes a talking teddy bear who introduces himself as Teddy. He’ll guide you through the story and acts as your shining light in times of darkness. That evening, your mom tucks you in bed and night falls over the house. You’re peacefully falling asleep, unaware that this was the last time you saw your mom… 

"Set in a nightmarish dream world, you have to puzzle your way towards each next memory, all while being tormented by shadowy figures and monsters"

When you wake up by an unseen force who takes Teddy away from you, your crib overturns and you fall to the ground. Left alone in the darkness, you have to explore the eerie looking house to rescue Teddy. As soon as you’ve found him, he seems notably upset. He warns you that something is not right and that you have to find your mom. In order to do so, Teddy instructs you to collect memories of her. This leads you through several scary places. You’ll crawl through a creepy house, a playground, a forest and a closet among others. Set in a nightmarish dream world, you have to puzzle your way towards each next memory, all while being tormented by shadowy figures and monsters.

As you try not to get lost in these sinister places, you will have to stay ahead of the frightening creatures. However, nothing will prepare you for what you’ll discover in the end. Will you be able to find your mom? And will it be a happily ever after once you do?


Among the Sleep isn’t the only horror game you can play tonight in which you have to collect memories while being stuck in a creepy nightmare. If you’re not scared enough yet, we’ll take you to the glamorous world of 1950s Hollywood. Although you’ll soon discover it’s not all glamour and beauty when you start up film noir psychological horror game Dollhouse on PS4™ or Steam®.  

As soon as you enter the dark world of Dollhouse, you’re about to attend the premiere of a movie about yourself: the great detective Marie. There’s a red carpet in front of you and you see people standing on the sideline, waiting for you to arrive. You’re walking towards the theater with your proud daughter in front of you. Suddenly everything turns pitch black. You hear people scream in the background and you realize something terrible must have happened. But before you get a chance to figure out what it is, everything fades away and you wake up in a strange room with a movie screen and a camera. It’s your own mind you’re trapped in now, a mind that doesn’t remember anything about your past and the traumatic events that haunted you in life...

"It’s your own mind you’re trapped in now, a mind that doesn’t remember anything about your past and the traumatic events that haunted you in life..."

One thing is clear: something horrific has happened to your daughter on that fateful night. To find out what happened, you have to go through the maze of your own mind and collect film canisters, which represent the memories you’re trying to claim back. Any other evidence that might help you further recover your brain, such as writings on the walls, photographs and audio logs have to be collected as well. Do that, solve puzzles and put each clip together to get closer to the truth. However, your mind is haunted and distorted with harmful mannequins and an invisible threat who are out there to get you. Are you able to stay ahead of them and restore the movie which holds all the answers? And are you ready to face what has happened to you?  


Let’s dive into the next monstrous horror game: Monstrum. As soon as you start up this game on your Nintendo Switch, PS4 or Xbox One, you’ll wake up on a massive derelict cargo ship that’s stranded in the middle of the ocean. While it seems to have been abandoned not too long ago, you have no idea how you got there and why it is abandoned. However, you’ll soon discover you’re not alone... 

As you’ve only just realized something horrific must have happened on board the vessel, you are being hunted by a terrifying predator. Without much to defend yourself with you’ll have to find a way to get off the ship, or you won’t be able to survive for long. With 10 tips, you can try to stay alive, but do you have what it takes?

While you’re checking out the ship, you notice it has three distinct areas: the upper deck, which is where the now likely deceased crew lived, the lower deck, which consists of a labyrinth of pathways with ruptured steam pipes hindering your way, and the main deck, which is the outside area in between the upper and lower decks. As you wander through the halls, looking for clues and tools to get off the ship, you suddenly hear footsteps approaching from the distance. Then, a horrific beast made of rock and lava, with a glowing core that emits orange light from his face, appears from the corner of the pathway. You run as fast as you can, open the door of a nearby room and proceed to hide under a table. But it’s too late. The giant monster has seen your attempt to hide and is now coming for you. Before you are able to escape, he has overpowered you… Game over. 

     "A horrific beast made of rock and lava, with a glowing core that emits orange light from his face, appears from around the corner”

When you wake up on the same abandoned cargo ship, you will have to plan your escape route from the beginning again. But something is off. The main layout of the ship is the same, but rooms have changed and items have moved. Then the lights start to flicker. As you turn around figure out what’s happening, you see a demon-like skeleton creature ready to devour you in one piece.  

That’s the horror of Monstrum. Die and you’ll start from the beginning again, trapped in a labyrinth of rooms and pathways that change with each new game. On top of that, there’s a different monster who is out there to get you. With three terrifying monsters, each having their own distinct characteristics and behaviors, only the hardiest player will be able to escape. Do you have what it takes to get off the ship? Good luck… Start running. 

Remothered: Tormented Fathers

In our last horror story, you step into the shoes of Rosemary Reed, a 35-year-old mysterious woman who arrives at Richard Felton’s house. This is the horrifying story of Remothered: Tormented Fathers. As you start up the game on your Nintendo Switch, PS4 or Xbox One, the story begins in front of a large estate. You’re about to enter the Felton’s residence, where their daughter Celeste suddenly disappeared in October of 1971. The story of her disappearance has been a hot news topic for the next two years.  

As you’re standing in front of the property, you take a quick glance at the medical files of a patient named Richard Felton, who is affected by a disease that has gotten worse over the years. You then hold a picture of a young girl with the name Jennifer written on the back. The only reason you’re there is to look for answers about the missing girl Celeste. Upon approaching the mysterious villa, it’s soon revealed that you’re an unwelcome guest. Mr. Felton’s nurse has no intention of letting you in. Determined to get to the bottom of Celeste’s story, you sneak through the half open gate and reach the main door of the villa, ready to look for answers that are buried within this dark mansion

   "He gets up and starts wandering through the halls armed with a sickle searching for the intruder. At that moment you realize that you have entered a terrifying game of cat and mouse."

When you tell nurse Gloria that you are a doctor from the Santa Margherita Institute, where Mr. Felton was treated, and that you’re looking into alternative remedies to treat his illness, she lets you in. Gloria escorts you to Mr. Felton’s study without sharing much about the man’s private life and his relationship with his wife Arianna Felton. Gloria only describes Arianna as an isolated person who spends most of her time in her bedroom listening to the same music on the record player. When you meet Mr. Felton, you first ask him about his illness and he seems open to talk. But the conversation begins to tense up when you mention his daughter Celeste. Then Gloria barges in and informs Mr. Felton that the institute had never heard of a Dr. Reed. Richard asks you to leave his property without answering your question about what happened to Celeste. 

At night, you decide to break in and look around the house. When you hear the music playing from upstairs, you decide to have a look if Mrs. Felton is there. The music takes you to a particular room in search of Richard’s wife, but instead you discover an unidentifiable mummified corpse covered with moths. Your commotion over the discovery draws Felton’s attention, forcing you to hide yourself. From your hiding spot, you see a deranged Richard conversing with the corpse and tenderly calling it “Jennifer”. He then roams the halls armed with a sickle searching for the intruder, and you realize that you have entered a terrifying game of cat and mouse. Will you be able to uncover the truth about Celeste? And are you prepared for the horrors that await you on your quest towards the truth? 

These were the terrifying stories of Among the Sleep, Dollhouse, Monstrum and Remothered: Tormented Fathers. Which one will bring you sleepless nights this Halloween? Check out the game pages below and see on which platforms you can pick them up. Happy Halloween and stay safe!

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