Dog Duty received a big post-launch update, including a new game mode on console

The Real Time Tactics game got a big update on Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4, Xbox One and Steam® today.


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17 September 2020

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands - December 8, 2020

Development studios Zanardi & Liza and SOEDESCO Studios have brought a big update to real Time Tactics game Dog Duty on Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4, Xbox One and Steam® today. The action-packed title received a new game mode on console: the Horde Mode. This new implementation on Nintendo Switch, PS4™ and Xbox One lets you fight waves of enemies with your squad. You can find the new game mode in the main menu. The Steam version of Dog Duty also comes with the Horde Mode, which had been added to the game in a previous patch. Furthermore, the update has brought several quality of live improvements on all platforms. A full list of patch notes for each platform can be found below.  

Patch Notes

Nintendo Switch - Version 1.03

  • Added Horde Mode. 

PlayStation 4 - Version 1.04

  • Added Horde Mode.

  • Added the possibility to switch between 1080p and 4k resolution for PlayStation 4 Pro. 

Xbox One - Version 1.03

  • Added Horde Mode.
  • Fixed: The title enters an indefinite unresponsive state after performing a constrained Xbox profile change during a loading screen.
  • Fixed: The title enters a recoverable partially unresponsive state after using the Wilmer's Special at the edge of the playable area.
  • Fixed: Achievements whose unlock requirements were originally met while disconnected to Xbox Live services were not awarded to the user when the console was brought back online.

Steam - Version 1.2

  • Horde Mode: 'Character Select' and 'Stage Select' menu now close correctly.
  • Resized the font used for non-Roman alphabets, as it was often displaying too large.
  • The cursor no longer automatically highlights the first row.
  • Horde Mode: 'Main Menu' button no longer inaccessible with controller after going game over.
  • Numerous in-game bugfixes.

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Dog Duty

As some evil bigwig Octopus Commander and his army are threatening world-peace, it’s up to you and your squad of misfits to eliminate that octo-scum. Liberate outposts, defeat bosses and wreck these wicked squids up, but beware, they’re well-armed.

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Dog Duty received a big post-launch update, including a new game mode on console

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