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Truck Driver

Enjoy a trucking experience focused on your career as a truck driver.

Monster Crown

Make pacts with monsters to receive their protection in return for shelter.

Kaze and the Wild Masks

Journey through the Crystal Islands in 90’s classics platformer style.


Build a town with over 30 structures where you can craft and buy items.

Real Farm

Sow crops, keep livestock or both, buying and selling in a real time economy.

Fantasy Farming: Orange Season

Expand your farm by raising animals, planting crops and building structures.


Hide, distract, and run, but be careful not to fall into the numerous traps.

Adam's Venture: Origins

Try to solve clever and creative puzzles on your journey.

Dog Duty

Assemble a 3-person anti squid-squad and fight in Real Time Squid combat.

Remothered: Tormented Fathers

As Rosemary tries to uncover a missing girl's story, she finds herself in an inescapable nightmare.

Wuppo: Definitive Edition

Play as an exiled 'wum' looking for a new home in this bizarre but charming world.


Experience the surreal story of Elea in this first-person Sci-Fi adventure. 

Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition

Step into the pyjamas of a two year old child creeping through a dark and distorted house.


Survive a horrifying trip into the mind of detective Marie. 

Xenon Racer

Get behind the wheel, keep your adrenaline in check and drift through the streets.

Omen of Sorrow

Clear your mind, clench your fists and get ready for a wicked battle.


Pick up your friends and bring them with you as you explore the open skies.

Armello: Special Edition

Enter a grim fairy-tale and go on a swashbuckling adventure.


Find a way to harvest energy and rescue your robotic friends.


Play as a broken robot and use gravity as your ally in your race back to safety.


The world needs you to return the nine primordial instruments.

8-Bit Invaders!

Control the military of the Galactic Marine Corps or invade with the extraterrestrial Cranioids.

8-Bit Hordes

Dominate the battlefield in 8-Bit Hordes, a colorful fantasy RTS.

8-Bit Armies

Build up and defend your base, amass your army of military units, and crush your opponents.

Air Missions: HIND

 Get into your helicopter and tear up the sky.


Journey into the beautiful world of Teslagrad to discover its secrets.

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