Dog Duty

Release Date

17 September 2020

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Let's get rid of that Octo-Scum!

About Dog Duty

Control a squad of misfits as they go up against some evil bigwig Octopus Commander and his army who are threatening world-peace. In this fun, fast-paced Real Time Tactics game, you go into combat and use guerrilla warfare to eliminate all octo-scum. Fight on top of your moving vehicle as you go from island to island to liberate outposts and defeat wicked bosses in their crazy octo-machines. Wreck those squids up, but beware, they’re well-armed.


  • Assemble a 3-person anti squid-squad and fight in Real Time Squid combat

  • Liberate outposts to cut-off weapon, armor and other octo-supplies

  • Defeat epic bosses and kill your way to the Evil Octopus Commander

  • Fight on top of your armored, octo-frying vehicle while driving

Dog Duty

As some evil bigwig Octopus Commander and his army are threatening world-peace, it’s up to you and your squad of misfits to eliminate that octo-scum. Liberate outposts, defeat bosses and wreck these wicked squids up, but beware, they’re well-armed.

Latest News

DECEMBER 8, 2020

Dog Duty received a big post-launch update, including a new game mode on console.

SEPTEMBER 17, 2020

Dog Duty, a six-year indie project, has rebelled its way to console and PC. 

SEPTEMBER 15, 2020

How Real Time Tactics Game Dog Duty came to be.

AUGUST 13, 2020

Dog Duty is ready to wreak havoc on
September 17, 2020.

Latest Videos

Confronting the Commander! Come hang out in our hour long launch live stream for Dog Duty!

Have you missed the Dog Duty launch trailer? Check it out! Dog Duty is now available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam.


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